Restoration of Hall facade - Phase 1 completed

On November 28th the scaffolding was removed to reveal the beautifully restored fresh face of Cove Burgh Hall.  Following a five month project all areas are returned for community use, including the Library.

The management of the project

This renovation and conservation project represents a significant achievement in the community ownership life of the Hall.  Managed by the Board of Directors, two teams worked in tandem to ensure the successful completion, while minimising disruption to normal Hall operations.  The first team was concerned with financing the project, interfacing with the team of professionals, overseeing works on a day-to-day basis, administration and reporting to the various funding bodies.  The second team focused on working closely with user groups, event organisers, and other Hall hirers to facilitate the uninterrupted continuation  of activities.It is important to note that the main contractor, Matheson, was extremely accommodating in this respect, for example, allowing access to the Small Hall for the Real Ale Festival.

This first phase has made a sound contribution to conserving the heritage and functionality of the Hall into the future.  The challenge now is to raise funds for essential subsequent phases.

What was done:   

1. Replacement and improvement of corroded essential structural steelwork supporting the central facade windows.
2. Replacement of stonework damaged by a long term combination of weathering, inadequate structural support and historicaĺly poor repair.
3. Replacement and improvement of essential roof lead work.
4. Removal and replacement of rotten roof timbers and floor joists.
5. Replacement and improvement of gutters and down pipes.
6. Refurbishment of twelve central windows

Come and see:

CBH: Heritage and Aspirations - Open Doors Event,
Saturday, January 11th, 12:00 to 16:00. 

Drop in to hear and see more about the details and achievement of the project, and future aspirations.  Chat with CBH directors over a coffee and cake, and take an informal guided tour of the Hall. 

Facts and Figures

Start Date: June 17, 2019
Completion Date: November 28, 2019
Cost of Project: £207,000 (on budget)
Funding Sources:

  • Argyll and the Islands LEADER Program,
  • Historic Environment Scotland,
  • Robertson Trust,
  • Trusthouse Charitable Foundation,
  • Cove Burgh Hall reserves

Professional Team:  

  • ZM Architecture,
  • Matheson,
  • David Narro Assocs.,
  • Stratum Stonemasons

Photos of the facade today

The old and the new and a lovely sunset reflected in the refurbished windows


Detail of repointed stonework




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