Repairs to the facade of the Hall

As of next week, you will see our Hall’s handsome red stone architecture dressed in scaffolding.

Don’t be alarmed, the Entrance Hall, Main Hall, Toilets and Kitchen will still be in action!  Out of commission will be the Small Hall and Library.

Over the period June 17th to October 21 (approximately), Phase 1 of what we are calling the ‘Facade Project’ will be on the go.  See here a full briefing of what’s involved. In summary, it is about carrying out essential repair and renovation to conserve the building for current and future generations.

However, it is about much more than the building. It is concerned with ensuring the sustainability of a valuable community hub that adds vibrancy and social meaning to the lives of many within the community.   This is captured in this quote from Cllr Barbara Morgan:

‘Many folk make their homes in Cove and Kilcreggan because of what the village and surrounding area has to offer - the picturesque natural habitat, village life, variety of the community to draw on each other’s creative/life diversities.  The Hall plays a key role in all of the above’.

The cost of Phase 1 is c. £207k and, thanks to the incredible efforts of our fundraising team, this has been realised through grant funding from Argyll and Islands LEADER Programme, Historic Environment Scotland, Robertson Trust, Trusthouse Charitable Foundation, plus funds from CBH reserves.

Richard Reeve will be on site to oversee  works on a day-to-day basis, with ZM Architecture project managing.

Post created by: Margaret Isaacs

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