Become a friend of Cove Burgh Hall

Friends automatically become Members of Cove Burgh Hall company, with a voice, if they wish,  in how the Hall is run. They can oversee the company's activities, elect or remove directors, and vote at general meetings, or they may choose simply to attend and enjoy the wide variety of Live@CoveBurghHall events, knowing that their contribution is helping the funding for maintenance to the Hall.

Friends are people who recognise how important Cove Burgh Hall is to the community, and would like to see it continue to thrive,

They choose to pay a regular amount to Cove Burgh Hall to help keep it running - this can be as little as £10 per annum (which is a mere 20p per week), which gives you a free update newsletter every quarter. Alternatively you can choose to pay £100 per annum (£8.34 per month) or more and become a 'Gold Friend', which additionally confers the right of free entry to 'Live@CBH' events. With events costing between £10 and £15 this offers a substantial discount on ticket prices.

All Friends receive a quarterly newsletter about Cove Burgh Hall and regular emails informing them of events.

Click here for printable Application Form


To join, complete electronically and email or print and fill out the Application Form and send to the Friends Co-ordinator: 

Martin Cox

Once you become a Friend, you will have access to the Friends Area where details of the company finances and management can be obtained. 

Facade project funded by:


keystone - building quality in rural Scotland
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