Burgh History on display

Burgh History now exhibited in Cove Burgh Hall.

For those who cherish Cove & Kilcreggan’s burgh history, two items have been brought to Cove Burgh Hall for permanent display in the Commissioners Room.

The first is the Burgh Seal. This was created by the Burgh Commissioners in 1895. It was part of the Cove & Kilcreggan Town Council’s stationery equipment until the local government reorganisation of 1975 did away with the town council. Since then in the custody of Ivy Sutherland who has kept it safely stowed (in its original box) under her hall stand. Its most frequent use in recent years (possibly ever) was to stamp the inside page of “A Victorian Burgh”. Now it proudly sits on the north facing window sill of the Commissioners Room on a lovely oak base, courtesy of Michael Dryden.

This abridged article from the Helensburgh & Gareloch Times of 1895 gives some context. The recent act referred to is probably the Local Government Act of 1889.

The Provost’s Spade

The second item to be placed on display is Provost Clark’s Ceremonial Spade. This has a more chequered history.

Since the renovation of Cove Burgh Hall’s Commissioners Room in 2001 its walls have been adorned with several historical plaques and pictures of local interest. One picture, dated 30th November 1881, is “Cutting the first sod of Cove & Kilcreggan Waterworks”. The picture was one of a series taken by photographer George Bell of Argyll Street, Glasgow to record the auspicious event. They were put on display for purchase by Angus McAllister, pier master and then they disappear from the historical record.

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