Unspotted Snow - Mull Theatre Company

This latest work from award winning playwright Peter Arnott is one of the company’s most ambitious projects.  The tale of the ill fated Franklin expedition to the North West passage is told with verve, and accompanied by an original score.

Based on the ill-fated 1845 Sir John Franklin expedition to discover the North-West passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific and it’s extraordinary 170-year legacy. Set partly on the barren ice floes of the Arctic and partly in the stultifying drawing room of Lady Jane Franklin, this is a bold and adventurous tale of tragedy, mishap, folly, arrogance, madness and betrayal, Victorian heroism ... and ruthless news management.

Unspotted Snow is a world premiere from one of Cove Burgh Hall’s favourite visitors, and one of Scotland’s most lauded theatre companies. 

Doors open at 7.15pm for 8pm start.

Bar, raffle.

Tickets are £10.


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