Book Festival 2017

Freedom Found

While some events in the this year's Cove Book Festival have already sold out, there is still availability for most talks, including the first one at 10:30 Saturday 25th November in which Sara Trevelyan  talks about her recently published book Freedom Found. The book tells of her remarkable life journey first brought to public attention through her marriage to a notorious gangland murderer.

When psychotherapist Sarah Boyle married Jimmy Boyle, then serving a sentence in Barlinnie’s Special Unit, the media went into overdrive.  The couple set up the Gateway Centre in Edinburgh following his release for those suffering from addiction and mental health problems.

They separated after 20 years and, now known as Sara Trevelyan, she has written a frank account of their life together and her subsequent fascination with a New Age lifestyle.

Chaired by Ruth Wishart.

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